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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My week, in review.

I am a bit sore today. We (a couple girl friends and I) went mountain biking on Sunday... it was a 13km loop... my legs were tired after that. Then Monday night I taught my Strong class (weights) so my legs were getting really sore! And today I decided to run on the treadmill for 35 minutes... but then followed that up with 15 minutes of stretching my sore muscles. Stretching felt good, and I do feel better now then I did this morning!

Yesterday was also my work Stampede event. We got to go to the rodeo! It was a blast! I did have to leave the grounds early (to teach my class) but I had a great time with my collegues in the grand stands! (I have a few pics to post, but still need to DL them to my computer!)
One poor bull rider was launched in the air by the bull he was riding! It was just like in the cartoons! I couldn't believe it! The cowboy managed to walk away from the incident, but I'm sure he's a hurting unit today! Poor guy!

I'm leaving to Leduc tomorrow for a few days of RnR with my family. Ahhhh...

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Anonymous Rosie said...

You're a machine! Have a good time in Leduc!

5:24 PM


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