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Friday, July 06, 2007

Missing posts

I wrote and posted a long entry yesterday about my moldy bread experiences (which is no longer posted on my blog today). Somehow it doesn't seem like an inportant enough topic to bother regurgitating all the information. So, I'll spare you all the deets. Let's just say I made myself a sandwhich with moldy bread, and almost ate it! GROSS!

Today is Stampede Parade day and I have the day off! Hooray! Collin is off to Cold Lake today for his cousin's wedding this saturday, and tomorrow I am off to Banff for my Brother's wedding! (It's that time of year, isn't it!?!) I'm a bid dissapointed that Collin and I can't share in both of these weddings together, but I do understand why we both have to attend the weddings that we were each invited to. (Collin and his cousin are almost like brothers!)

I asked him to bring his digital camera... let me check for it... yup, it's right where he left it! I guess there will be no pictures to post of that wedding (unless his mom takes some!) I will most definitely have mt trusty little Casio in hand tomorrow to capture the excitement of the day as everyone gets ready for Joe and Misty to get hitched! :) (It will be a good day tomorrow, and supposed to be very nice weather, too... perhaps too hot???)

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