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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The real packing has begun!

Collin and I have been packing the condo up in full force for the past few days. I never knew Collin was the 'master packer', but he's been a Godsent for me in this process! I am so easily distracted (especially when packing my beads and jewellery stuff) so Collin has really helped to keep me on task!
So far we've fully packed the storage room, linen closet and most of the master bathroom! Tonight, I'm tackling my room: which means my clothes (uhh, another thing I get distracted with!) and finishing off the spare bedroom (which should be simple enough!).
Friday (possession day), we have planned to get the steamcleaner from Safeway and completely steam clean the carpets in the new place (the previous owners had a Pit Bull, so I want to get rid of the fur and dander left behind! Not to mention spruce up the berber carpets!). Hopefully the carpets dry fast because we have rented a UHaul for Sunday and we are MOVING everything in then!

I'll be so happy once everything is moved in! (Hopefully the guys Colllin has asked to help us don't break anything... I'm a little worried about moving my new BIG computer amoire!!!)

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Anonymous island sissy said...

Good luck with the move Jess!! Can't wait to come out and see your new place!
Have you found renters for the condo yet??

11:07 AM

Anonymous rosie said...

Good luck with the move!

11:04 AM

Anonymous Suzanne said...

LOL, I doo get distracted - it too me forever to pack! Then at the last minute I had to throw everything into boxes without any order - now we're screwed!! Its kinda fun though because each box we open is like a Kinder Surprise! HAHA. Good luck with the move and the cleaning :) :) :)

3:35 PM


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