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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another showing

I showed my condo to another renter last night. He really liked the place, but said the rent might be a bit to much for him. He said he'd let me know today... He still hasn't phoned, so I expect he won't.
I saw my Fitness Coordinator today before my class, and we got to talking about my new place. I mentioned that I'm still seeking a renter for my condo, and she mentioned to me that there is a PT manager coming here from out of town that will be looking for a place to rent. Hmmmm... She suggested I talk to our PT manager about it. (I will definitely do that once the day is over, and if I've still recieved no call!) So, all in all I'm not too worried... the right renter will want to rent it soon!

I'm going to try my luck at cooking again tonight... (Scary, I know. Because on Monday night, Collin and I ate raw veggies because I just can't cook. It sucked h.a.r.d. c.o.r.e!)
Since it's going to be a rainy, cool kinda evening I've decided to make something outta pasta.... Thanks to KraftCanada.com... I'll be attempting Made-Over Chicken Tetrazzini.

Wish me luck, with my track record... I'll probably need it! ;)


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Anonymous Rosie said...

I'm sure the chicken will turn out just fine!!

11:46 AM


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