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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Namaste! It's a new year!

Welcome 2007! Welcome!

Hope ya'll had an awesome new years! I did! (didn't go anywhere or do very much, for that matter, but that's how I like it sometimes :) It's nice knowing I'll be a year older in a week! (NOT! LOL) That saying is soo 1990's. :p

Back to work today, it's the same as I left it. I was worried that it would have changed while I was away... I was wrong.

I've been sleeping horribly lately! I cannot shut my eyes and make them stay shut! My brain will not shut off long enough to give me peace and quiet to fall asleep. I can recall waking up every 15minutes till 2:00am last night, and I'm sure every 1/2 hour to the hour after that till Collin woke up at 5am. I think it's the lack of exercise I've been doing over the holidays. I'm conditioned to get at least an hour of vigorous exercise a day, and since December 22nd, I've only gone to the gym once, and did Yoga about 3 times... definitely not enough to keep me sain. Today it's back to the gym, teaching spin class. Here's hoping it tuckers me out so I can sleep tonight! *fingers crossed*


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