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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Back to square 1

We returned that damn Ikea wardrobe last night... like my Dad said "Those companies have DEEP pockets, they'll swallow up the loss to keep you happy" and they did. The guy behind the counter was like "So, would you say it was just too flimsy?"... In my head I was like "No, it's just a piece of SH!T.... but instead I said "Yes, it's too heavy for the amount of screw locations allotted." And no questions asked, my money was refunded! Yay! At least that made me feel better... no we just need to find a good quality armoire to replace it with... any ideas of where I can find one?? I was looking at Totem, but they all seem so short! I was hoping for something at least 7' tall. (to the roof would be even better!)

I'm going for lunch with my colleagues from my last group. It should be fun. It's just the girls, and we all got along great! (Only thing that I hate about this, is Christmas lunches = no mid-day workout for Jessica :( Boo!)


Anonymous Rosie said...

It's time to build your own wardrobe from scratch!! I like IKEA's return policy. I was going there a lot when I first moved into my place. I was so sick of it!

I feel your pain about missing a workout! I've decided I'm going to just bite the bullet and work out BEFORE work at another one of my gym's other locations. It's quite close to my office, but I have never been this location.

11:11 AM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: rosie

You know me too well, rosie... I'd love to do that, if only I had my own garage to work in! (This condo living certainly has it's drawbacks!)

At this point I'm at the mercy of the retailers for this item, unfortunately.

1:48 PM

Anonymous Suzanne said...

I know, have colin make one for you!! or buy a TV Armoir and convert it. I've seen that done on tv. LOL
Glad they returned your money :)

11:03 AM


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