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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hard to understand

My boss is.
He does things in a weird way. He likes to get you all exctited about a task then leave you hanging on it for a couple of days. Like today he jets into my office "Jessica, are you really busy?" Of course my reply is "No, what's up?" He's all, "Well, I have this spreadsheet that I'd like you to set up. It's got all the maps that are required for the PDR (oh, my boss is the KING of acronyms... you should hear him in meetings!!!) and I want you to find out who will be responsible for creating them and posting the list sometwhere that people can get access to it and keep track of their progress. I'll send you the list to get started on!"

Ok, simple enough task.
He asked me to do this task at 9:00am this morning... it's now 4:00pm and I still have not seen the speadsheet.

Why does he bother telling me about work that I cannot get to till he get's his act together???


Anonymous rosie said...

I think our bosses may just get along! MWUAHAHA

9:00 AM


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