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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

hectic week, no time to post

Things around here have been insane! I'm busy just trying to keep my schedule straight! Ugh! And on Monday, the girl that I said she could sub my STRONG class, forgot about it and didn't show up! Geeze! I hate that! At least this time it wasn't MY fault! I hope next week the members don't get too upset with me... I'll have to explain to them the problem! I'm sure they'll understand.
Tonight I teach a beaded ring class. I thought I taught it last week, so I showed up to the store and there was no one there! Gad... These are the kind of things that stress me out!
Suzin changed the date without confirming it with me first, so my schedule was wrong! Boo!
Oh well, I'll make up for it today! :)

I will hopefully get a chance to put up all the other images I took from my trip to Nanaimo. However, if you go check out my sister's Flickr account you'll see that we just missed the excitement of snow! LOL (Not like we don't get enough of it here in Alberta.)
For example, this past week started off with temperatures of -29oC, but with the wind chill it felt more like -40oC.
Why do I live in Alberta again?

I hope you are all staying warm!!!


Anonymous Rosie said...

I could definitely do without the snow here, unless it's just for a day *L* and where I don't have to drive!

2:06 PM


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