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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Slow week turned into another busy one!

I think I need to slow down! I do too much then everything suffers because I can't put 100% of my effort into anything! :( I teach Yoga tonight, hopefully that calms me down!

And sometimes I make work for no reason: example 1 - I needed a stamp to send an envelope to the US. All I have are stamps with enough postage for within Canada, and I figured by putting 2 of them on my letter I'd be wasting a fair chunk of change... turns out the difference is 8 cents. 8-bloody-cents... I wasted energy going to the post office to save 8 cents? Am I retarded? (Don't answer that! LOL) I guess the Canadian dollar is doing better then I thought these days :)

I have a funny story to tell you about a man trying to cook. This man's name is Collin! LOL I teach classes late (till 8:30pm) every Monday night. I asked Collin if he could make supper last night. He agreed, as long as I "left detailed instructions on how to make it!" (We decided to have Chicken Stirfry in case you were wondering) I figured Collin is a competent, resourceful guy... no problem, "he'll have dinner ready for me when I get home, YAY!"
Ummm... no.
I called him at 8:25ish, on my way home to see how things were going and he was the most distraught person I ever heard, telling me "I'm never doing this again!!!" LOL I thought he was going to break down in tears! He said "I spent 20 minutes alone just looking for the ingredients for the sauce... and what the hell is boullion!?! ...I left that out." haha
Omg. I laugh now, but last night I have never seen Collin more concerned and out of sorts. I assured him that everything would turn out fine! So, as soon as I got home I relieved him of his cooking duties. (He had already made the rice and veggies with sauce, all I had to do was the chicken!) I told him that next time I cook, I'm going to make sure he watches and helps so he knows where to find things next time! (But you know what, I sure am going to miss him cleaning up after me, when I cook!!!!!) (We take turns :)
What a silly boy.

Momma's don't let your babies grow up with no cooking skills!


Anonymous Rosie said...

That is so cute!
I would have done the same thing about the stamps, too. I hate going to the post office though. It's so much effort!

4:59 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

Ken would have replaced the boullion with margarine, hence he rarely ever cooks for me :0)

10:13 PM

Blogger S Q L Y said...

I would have just cooked the Chicken and put the veggies on the stove top till they got ready - but I was freaked out the other day just boiling water so tell Collin that he's cool, a bbq Man is all we have papers for- they have wheels...ha ha

4:59 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to SQLY

Collin is definitely a BBQ man! He can cook up a mean steak!

I'll have to give him pointers in the kitchen though... uh oh, he's in trouble! HAHA

9:03 AM


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