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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Buying a new car

I am planning on going in to the Mazda dealership tomorrow and looking into buying a 2006 Mazda 3.

(Well, honestly, I've aready done the looking into... now I actually want to BUY one. But I can't go into the dealership showing all my cards at once, so I've gotta pretend that I'm still unsure. LOL) Does anyone have any buying tips for an inexperienced car buyer like myself?


I'm going to get my iPod Nano tonight.
I have decided on the pink one for now... but once we get there, I might change my mind to the blue one! LOL


Anonymous Rosie said...

Didn't you just get a new car?!

New cars are exciting! Unfortunately, the only tip I've heard about buying a car as a woman is to bring a man along. Oh! And definitely find a broker to swing the deal for you!!

4:20 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

Get a new car and pass along that 'old honda' to me :0)

As for the ipod, they have a special one out right now that is bright red. They send 10 bucks from everyone to help with AID in aftrica...
would be different....

6:40 PM

Anonymous suzanne said...

Nice Car! Too bad it didn't come in pink too :)
My tip - When they make the first offer counter offer with a better one, if they say no, walk out. Guearanteed they will stop you and offer you a better deal :)
Good luck!!

10:30 AM


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