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Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm tired but I can't stop!

What a week! And it's not even over!!!
I had a massage from Collin's sister last night (she's actually a certified massage therapist! did I score or what??? LOL) It was pretty nice considering I had just finised a weights class at the gym. (but I woke up and my bum was still sore :(

Tonight we are going to exchange my cel phone. I can't wait to get this peice of crap off my hands and either return to my old celly or get a new one with some features!

Tomorrow I have to wake up even earlier then I usually do (WTF? it's Saturday!) because I've enrolled myself in the Can-Fit-Pro conference... I am enrolled in 5 sessions... I think I will only attend 4 though... I want to do some shopping at the expo too! Hopefully I can find some cute new workout clothes :)

And Sunday is my day to teach bike class at 9:00am at the West Side Rec center. Ughhhhhh... this class is becoming more and more of a pain in my ass then I thought! I hate weekends with no catching up on sleep. (I love my sleeping-in time :)


Blogger islandarts said...

A massage therapist?????
Did you EVER score! LOL!!
BTW, if you are still game- I'll take those old glasses frames off your hands when you get new ones... I'm totally JAZZING on those frames, hope they fit my fat head!!

3:53 PM

Blogger S Q L Y said...

Yes , we all get tired of the b.s. at times - our people told us we were working on saturday but then on friday the cancelled the sat. work
Sucks bigtime, but it goes with the territory - even Drs. probably have shitty schedules... 10 - 2 who needs extra workload ?? LOL
Gotta have time to spend the loot!!

DadiO xox

4:45 PM


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