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Friday, December 22, 2006

win some and lose some.

Well, like I mentioned in my post yesterday, I was given a bottle of red wine yesterday.

Then last night I managed to smash a bottle of red wine all over my kitchen floor! (Oh, yes, I said SMASHED!)

We had bought another bottle of wine and placed it on top of the fridge a while ago to keep till we were ready to drink it. (This is NOT the best place for a bottle of wine.) With all the opening and closing of the fridge the wine bottle had managed to shake it's way to the edge of the Fridge and of course, on my next slam of the fridge door, the bottle comes crashing down! Unfortunately I was on the phone at the time, otherwise I could have caught the bottle and avoided a really BIG mess!!!
(I sure hope the wine didn't stain my grout! (I have a tiled kitchen floor... Luckily, it was the bottle that broke and not one of the tiles on the floor! That would have really fired me up!!!) )

I'll take some pictures when I get a chance...

PS... I don't even like red wine!


Blogger islandarts said...

That's a shame about the wine... perhaps I should get you a wine rack for Christmas/birthday????
I don't mind a little red, until the other day when I drank some and my tongue swelled up and everything tasted like metal for 3 days... gross.

2:07 PM

Anonymous Suz said...

Your grout should be ok as long as it was sealed properly - unlike mine! What a waste, I would have liked it off the floor :) LOL

3:52 PM


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