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Saturday, December 16, 2006

too much vino!

For pictures of my Christmas party, check my Flickr. It was a great time! Started out with a magician, who made our CEO appear in the place of a female employee that he grabbed out of the audience (you know the "turn the assistant into someone else" trick?) It was pretty damn cool! (I didn't get pictures of him though, I was too busy being mesmerized watching him!) Then we had a little bit of role playing and opera singing throughout the meal... it was like the three tenors, but they were actually called "The Three Waiters". Pretty neat. Finally the musical guest turned out to be Blue Rodeo. I have pictures in my Flickr of them. I think they played a decent set... honestly, by that time in the evening I had drank more then my share of wine so I really don't remember much. What I do remember is taking out my camera and getting a little snap happy! (so enjoy the pics, they are quite hilarious actually!) I don't think Collin was too impressed with me for trying to take his picture every 5 seconds though... LOL


Blogger islandarts said...

Your photos are funny, and I'm so flipping jealous you got to see Blue rodeo for free!! WE paid HUGE bucks to see them at the jube in Edmonton. Great show too.
Way to get loaded seezee!

5:38 PM

Anonymous Suz said...

I partied with them in Whistler on New Years when I was 19! I had no idea who they were until they told me the name of their band. Looks like you had way to much fun!

4:25 PM


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