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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Last Full Day of Work before Christmas!

Today is my last full day of work before Christmas! :) Tomorrow I am NOT expected to come back to work in the afternoon... isn't that nice? :) Yay! More time for me to relax before the big day!
And today I got a parcel at work. I thought it was the Avon I ordered, but it turned ou to be a bottle of red wine from my salesman at the Mazda dealership where I bought my new car! They have treated me so well at this dealership! WAY better then the Honda Dealership where I bought my Element last year. I think I'll be sticking with a Mazda for a long time! :)


Blogger S Q L Y said...

Dear Jessi,
Sounds like the salesman considered you a very good risk and is hoping to see you perchase another new maZda next year. wow
I sure like new cars,
Zoom Zoom

7:40 PM


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