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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Anyone ever wanted to look like a model? Now you can get a glimpse at your potential beauty at a place called "Modiface". Upload you current picture and the picture of your favorite model and get a glimpse at how beautiful your beauty if you had her facial features instead of your own!

Check it out, I modified my face with one of their sample models and this is the NEW ME:
(note: I took the picture down so no one else had to look at it unless they really wanted to scare themselves! LOL)


...uh... I don't think the software worked for me! LOL


Anonymous rosie said...

No offense, but that is scary!!

2:20 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

you look like you've had the worst plastic surgery ever... EEEEeeewwww! I can't stand to look at it!

6:37 PM

Blogger bada bing said...

Thanks that was too scary! I tried it and it was absolutely unbelievable! I could be in the movies!!!!!!!!As a deformed creature!

10:45 AM


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