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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dating Guru

Somehow I became the dating guru last night to a friend of mine who's living in Saskatchewan right now. She called me to ask what she should do with a guy who she was seeing before Christmas, then he went away for holidays and his communication with her just kinda stopped. He then texted her yesterday to say he's back in town and back at work. I told her "You have the power right now, he's thrown the ball in your court." I told her to be bold and ask him out again, and if he declines then she knows where she stands (... Anyone read the book "He's just not that into you"? You'll know where I'm going with that one) So she took my advice and called him, and invited him out for coffee, and he accepted (good news) so off they went for coffee. She called me back not even 1.5 hours later to discuss the date! (My thought was, "She's home so soon!?!" Uh oh, BAD news!) She tells me that she thinks he's trying to discourage her from dating him because he kept pointing out all these flaws he has and that he's really stressed out and doesn't really know what he wants to do with his life. I told her, "From what you are telling me he just really is stressed out and busy right now and is using you as a sounding board for his issues. He's opening up to you, that's a compliment!"
She said, "Ya, I guess I am making a big deal over nothing. He did kiss me goodnight."

And he's only 25 anyways, he's in no rush to get serious, I'm sure!

Girls are so good at making little things into BIG deals!


Anonymous Rosie said...

You give good advice often! You're so wise!

12:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


He's not into her, take it from a guy, that is just an easy way for a guy to try to get her to become disinterested. Just my opinion. But that is a trick we have all tried.


1:49 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

I'm with Ken- He's trying to get HER to dump him without getting nasty. She's a nice gal and he doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Tell him it's been fun and move on. He won't mind, trust me.

2:06 PM


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