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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snowboarding and SNOW!

I had a pretty busy weekend!
Ken (my bother-in-law who will be staying with us for the next few months) arrived on Thursday night and my friend B. was in town and wanted to hang out this weekend. So, on Friday night, B. and I drank some vino (Fetzer Gew├╝rztraminer, it's the BEST!) and had a really good visit. Saturday morning I had to teach my class in the AM (which I took B. to) and in the PM we'd planned to go snowboarding. (It was going to be Collin's first time on a snowboard!) We went to Nakiska, because it's only 30 minutes away from the west side of Calgary. The snow conditions weren't the best for learning to snowboard on though because it was fairly hard packed. (And Collin fell A LOT!) We only managed to get in 3 full runs before Collin threw in the towel and called it a day! (I was really proud that he managed to complete all 3 runs though without much complaining!!) And he will improve, we just need to go out to C.O.P. for a few evenings in February!
Today I went to GNC to pick up some Whey Protein powder, Active Woman's multi-vitamins and some Udo's 3-6-9 Oil. Hopefully, once my body get's used to all this goodness, I will start to loose some of my Christmas fluff. I just want to feel leaner for Maui. (I actually went in to GNC to buy a Fat Burner suppliment, but the lady who helped me, talked me into going this route instead. I do think it's probably the safer way to go, it's just a LOT more work!)

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Anonymous Rosie said...

eeew, fat burner...Well, actually I've always wanted to take some, and the one time I tried some, I hated it! Any injuries I had were more noticeable, and I couldn't lift as much weight as usual!

12:17 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: Rosie

I just really don't want to loose some weight *FAST*, definitely not a long term solution...

10:41 AM

Anonymous Vampiress said...

it's too bad that I couldn't go. It was my weekend to work at the lab and my boss at FS double booked me even when I gave a N/A for the day.

Glad you had fun. Next time. The weekend after my b-day has been booked off from FS. It'll be fun when we go.

I want to get something to help me get rid of my mid section fluff as well.

1:33 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: Vampiress

DOn't worry about not coming skiing with us, we only got 3 runs in!!! It was a bit of a waste of $$$! (That's how it feels when someone is still learning!)

I'm going back to GNC today for a fat burner... I am also going ot follow the protien diet, but I think I need something else to give my body that kick start it needs!

PS... Your fluff has gone way down sister! You should be very proud of yourself cause you look fantastic! :)

Your Birthday weekend will be an absolute blast! (You're probaly going to have to sleep over at my place on March 7th, cause we normally leave very early to get on the hill at a decent time... we should also, on Friday night, pick up your rentals from COP or one of the ski rental places near there... It will be easier then doing it at the hill, TRUST ME!!! :) Can't wait!!

9:30 AM


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