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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Learn to love 'em!

Diamonds, that is.
I was talking about my birthday gift to my friends at the gym today, explaining how diamonds aren't really my thing. One of the girls said "I used to be like you too thinking "Oh, Diamonds are too expensive! No Thanks!", but now I'm like "Bring it on! I love them now!" She then said "You'll learn to love them!"

I don't know. I think Diamonds are probably the most boring of the precious stones... I mean, they are clear... how b.o.r.i.n.g! I would much rather have a beautifully colored synthetic stone, one that I absolutely LOVE to look at on my finger... rather then a clear, boring diamond in my engagement ring!
Am I being naive here? What's the big deal about diamonds anyways???

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Anonymous Rosie said...

Nice pendant!
On the weekend I was at LIttle Caesar's Pizza and noticed the cashier's pendant, and it looked like the one you've linked to!

12:18 AM

Blogger MdG said...

I'm partial to emeralds myself. And I don't own any diamond jewlery except for my engagement ring. I'm more of a solid metals person myself.

4:11 AM

Anonymous island sissy said...

If you look into a nice diamond you will see many colours... but I can't part with my money that easily so I prefer Moisannite... looks like a daimond only better.

3:46 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: ALL :
I'm a quantity over quality girl when it comes to this topic, so I'd take a cubic zirconia over a Diamond! I mean, you could get one 3 times as big, and who'd know that it wasn't a REAL diamond??? Who CARES really?

PS... I wore the heart pendant Collin gave me today, I think of him everytime see it! *awe*

3:52 PM

Anonymous island sissy said...

Oh ya, and there are so many beautifully natural coloured stones out there to go for... so many options if you don't like diamonds!!

2:44 PM


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