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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Math/Bead Geek? What's the connection?

My mom found this website, that had me HOOKED for a long time Sunday night.
I am an avid beader and if any of you have seen my work, then you know I like to make small beaded bead type objects. Well, this website has taken making beaded beads and created a mathematical formula to making a beaded bead with a certain symmetry, or reflection about it's central axis. (I'm also a total science/rock geek, so this approach to my craft is very interesting to me! It actually reminds me of my University Mineralogy class, when we had to look at the crystalline internal structures of the different minerals we were studying.)

I am totally in LOVE with the pattern for what they call the "Double Rose Window" bead! (But I can't stomach paying $30 dollars for the pattern alone!) My mom and I think we've figured the patterns out, but we still have yet to apply what we think we have figured out! LOL
In due time.

Oh yeah, Sunday was my birthday, and I really wanted to get out Cross Country skiing... Collin and I finally made our way out to Kananaskis for our first ski of the year! (better late then never!) It was the perfect day for skiing... -3oC was the temperature. My wax worked perfectly! It was a really great day! (Anytime I can get Collin out moving is a great day! haha)
To view the pictures, click here!

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