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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Beading Frenzy!

This past weekend was really good, even despite my lingering cold.

Friday was my corporate Christmas party.
Here's a pic of Collin and I before the event got underway. (So cute! lol)

It was a good time, as always! Unfortunately Collin started not feeling very well after dinner, so we left earlier then I'd hoped... oh well, there's always next year! I was just stoked that I got to wear my new dress! It looked awesome!

Saturday I had to get up early (well, not really early, but early enough after drinking the night before) to teach Yoga. It was really tough, because when I woke up my cold was in full effect! Ugh! (It still hasn't really gone away. :( So much for my love affair with Echinachea! LOL) But Saturday night I had lots of time for beading, and I whipped up a few fun things! Have a look at my Flickr beading photo set for the photos.

Today, Collin and I went Christmas shopping. (Which I really wasn't looking forward to...) But to my surprise there were only a few stupid people out shopping today, and we got almost EVERYTHING we needed by 4:00PM! (WOOT! Power shopping!) And I absolutely LOVE the gift I got for my nephew... He's gonna love, love, LOVE it! (And well, if he doesn't love it, I'll surely keep it! hahaha)

T minus 6 days to Nanaimo!!! Can't wait to see my Island Family!

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Blogger MdG said...

Cute dress!! Looks like you guys had fun.

You know I'm stil having a hard time finding all of the beads inorder to make one of those fabulous crystal flowers! Muchael's in my area sucks rocks I guess.

9:44 AM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to MDG

I did NOT buy the Swarovski hearts from Micheal's, I got them at a small specialty bead shop that I work at. I really don't know if Micheal's carries both sizes of heart beads. (10mm and 14mm)

I'm sure you could make the flower out of any other bead with a similar shape... it just probably wouldn't be as sparkly!

8:36 AM


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