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Monday, December 03, 2007

Hello SNOW!

Collin and I decided to head out to Banff last night to visit with my best friend and her husband who were staying at the Banff Springs Hotel for a weekend get-away! (I figured it was easier to drive an hour and a half to see her now then wait and have to drive 6.5 hours to Cold Lake to see her later!!!) I checked the weather reports and they said that the roads were good... only a few icy patches near Canmore. It seemed like a good report, so off we went.
Collin was driving my car. (I am very comfortable with his driving in winter conditions... he's got a lot of experience with it!) But wow... white out conditions (due to the snow plows ahead of you) is enough to make even Collin a bit uneasy! The snow started to fall as we hit Canmore, and we ended up stopped behind an accident near Canmore (where the icy patches were supposed to start) for almost an hour! We finally were let to pass and then proceeded to miss our Banff turn off! (It was just so dark and snowy out, you couldn't see signs or roads!!!) We even almost missed our turn off back to Banff! What a gong show!
We finally arrived in Banff and got to meet up with Rae and Damon. It was nice to see them and we decided to go to The Keg for dinner. We got stuffed!
But as we were talking and eating the snow kept falling, which made the drive home just as interesting as the drive out. Luckily there were no accidents on the way back to Calgary so we made it home by 11:00pm.
All I can say is that when I finally got home and let my head hit the pillow I had to say a prayer that we made it home alright and in one piece! I hate bad weather driving!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you on hating winter driving in the snow! Had some pretty bad trips to and from PA. As you said, it's great to hit the pillow in your warm little house!


1:01 PM

Anonymous Rosie said...

I really dislike getting around in snowy weather. Glad you and Collin made it to Banff and home all safe and sound! Vancouver got a huge dump, too! Thankfully, the warm rains finally came, and you'd never guess we got 15 cm on the weekend!

2:59 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: Badabing

The snow almost makes you want to fly to Mexico and stay there.. FOR GOOD! Doesn't it?

3:00 PM

Anonymous sissy said...

One more reason to move out here sissy!! LOL or not, we just experienced similar weather but now it's all gone, in a matter of a day.

10:27 AM


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