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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gypsy Soup

I have had the items to make this soup for almost a month... so I decided, since I'm starting my cleanse tomorrow, I'd finally make it . Well, If I can make it, anyone can make it! And it turned out GOOD!!
I've even scanned the recipe for those of you who want to try it! (I actually used crushed tomatoes from a can, instead of Step 1)
Good Luck!!!

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Anonymous Rosie said...

That looks delicious!!

11:12 AM

Blogger MdG said...

That does look good. And a good way to use the leftover vegetables from our Thanksgiving feast.

3:38 PM

Anonymous island sissy said...

get rid of the first silly comment...
I'll have to try that recipe sometime, it has all of my favorite things in it!

1:32 AM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

Yes, it is very tasty! My recommendation is to add the chickpeas in during the second step... I feel they need to be cooked longer then 15-20 minutes.

9:04 AM

Anonymous Suz said...


9:08 PM


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