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Monday, November 05, 2007

Beady Busy Weekend

After my friday started out rocky (I was in a mini fender bender... a woman backed into me as we exited a parking lot! :( I wasn't very pleased!) the rest of my weekend was relaxing.

Saturday morning, I taught yoga class, which is always great!!! That evening I decided to get started making the brooches for my grandma's (I've been planning on making these for them for AGES!)

Check out my handy work:

UPDATE: tutorial!

They turned out so much better then I imagined! I am sure my grandma's will love them! (As you can see in the picture, I still need to secure the center and attach pin backs to them.)

They took me about 20 mintues each to make! I'm getting really good at this bead weaving thing ;)

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Blogger MdG said...

DUDE!! I call Tutorial!!
Can I use your pattern to make some for my daughter's PTA craft fair???

Those are just beautiful!

1:23 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

Reply to MDG:

I have a tutorial posted on Flickr... It's called "Oh, my beading heart" Here's the link: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/223/470527459_06378a9033_o.jpg (note the heart beads are size 10mm (small) and 14mm (large) :)

I can't wait to see your creations :) Let me know if the instructions don't make sense! ;)

1:46 PM

Anonymous Rosie said...

Those pins are gorgeous! Fender benders really suck. Booooo!

1:47 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

MDG, the tutorial can be found in the main post :)

Rosie, I know.. I'm trying not to worry about it though, life could have sent me worse!

1:51 PM

Blogger katz said...

ahh as usual they look great!

So what happened that is making you make me remind you to not shop at beadworks?? Details pls!!

3:19 PM

Blogger MdG said...

Thank you! I'm going to got to Michael's some time this week to get some supplies.

3:50 PM

Anonymous suzanne said...

Hey Jess, how do I go about looking at the stuff you have for sale? I want to get a few items for myself and for gifts for xmas. Do you have a website???
Your Grandmas will LOVE those :)

7:52 PM

Blogger MdG said...

Wouldn't you know, Neither Michael's or A.C. Moore, OOOORR JoAnn's Crafts had any of the heart beads!!!! Frackity!!FRACK!

I'll have to try again later. Or get some on E-bay.

11:05 AM


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