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Monday, October 29, 2007

Creative cooker

I've been starting to get really creative with my cooking. I'm making a lot of things from scratch that I would normally never think I could make! I feel so good about it too, despite the fact that I probably eat more then my share at each meal :( I always have yummy left-overs to take in my lunches, which has been saving my bank account too :) Honestly, I owe it all to KraftCanada.com. Some of the recipes on this site are so simple, yet I would have never thought to put some of the things together!

I actually want to get my hands on a good vegetarian recipe book and try some of it's recipes. Normally, vegetarian dishes have much more flavor and variety to the flavor due to the different spices and herbs used to compliment the veggies. I just recently got a copy of a veggie recipe for "Gypsy Soup", and I had to go out and buy cumin and tumeric spices... I mean... who uses those spices on a regular basis???

I think the cooking bug has crawled up and bit me! ;)

PS. Fun song alert: Clumsy - Fergie

On another note, Collin and I were watching the Discovery channel yesterday and there was a segment on "Sleep Walking Murders"... and that there have been about 12 cases to date where people have used the "I was sleep walking" defence to plead their innocence. 5 of these cases were acquitted! Unreal!
I actually had a hard time falling asleep last night... wonder why!?!
Collin tells me he doesn't sleep walk.... Thank Gawd!



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