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Saturday, November 24, 2007

No music!

I am not a yoga instructor... I teach Breathe, which is a fusion class of Tai-Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Meditation. We use music to keep the beat, and to keep our choreography flowing.

I teach most every Saturday morning. This morning was no different. I walked into the studio (my class is after a TKO class) and the previous instructor tells me "The speakers aren't working... I don't think the stereo is working at all!"

OMG! Now, I'm a little freaked... what am I going to do?!?

What could I do?!? Send the members away? NO! ...I improvised without music!!! I felt like a true yoga instructor! I have never taught a class in silence before, the only sound was me talking... no wonder yoga instructors start sounding so monotone and repetitive.
"Inhale, reach up to extended mountain. Exhale, forward fold.
Inhale to lunge. Exhale, downdog."

I was pretty proud of myself for making it through the class without a hitch. I guess that just shows my many years of experience shining through. :)

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Anonymous sissy said...

Jess, you definitely are an old hand by this time! Proud of you!

1:09 AM

Anonymous Rosie said...

Woo! You're a true yogi!

2:28 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

Turns out there was a cord unplugged that didn't let the speakers work... :( Poop!

7:39 AM


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