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Friday, September 21, 2007

VV Boutique

I had the day off today, so I planned to sleep in and run a few errands... which included buying some new clothes! (I have to admit, I've gained some weight since I met Collin and my clothes are very ill fitting now because of it! So off to shop for some FAT clothes I go!)

As unexcited as I am to shop for fat clothes, I decided to soften the blow by going to a thrift store so at least I don't end up paying a small fortune for these clothes that I don't really want to buy!
MAN, I miss shopping at Thrift stores!!! I got 5 pairs of work pants, and 2 pairs of jeans for $55.00 including GST! What a deal! (I could have spent more, but I had to pee really bad, and I couldn't bare to try on any more clothes in that state!) I will have to make another trip to VV Boutique (when I've got an empty bladder) to pick up some shirts next time.

(Or I could just try loosing 10 pounds. ...If it were only THAT easy!)

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Blogger katz said...

you'll just have to tell collin no more BP's.

12:34 AM

Anonymous suzanne1212@hotmail.com said...

Fat? haha you make me laugh. Any pic I've seen of you yo ulook great!

I got my jacket at RW...

9:16 AM

Anonymous island sissy said...

OKay, you will know you are fat when you can't find clothes to FIT YOU AT VV boutique!!!!
use that as a guage :0)

Suz is right, you look fab!

12:09 AM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: ALL

OK, not FAT, but I have definitely gained weight since Collin hame around!
And now that I've gotten better at cooking, I just can't see the weight loss getting any better either!! LOL

9:33 AM

Anonymous Rosie said...

Gotta love a good deal!!

4:39 PM


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