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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Full moon of emotions?

Last night I had a mini-meltdown (mini because it only lasted about 45 minutes)
I had come home from work at my regular time, but I knew I had to eat and get changed fast for my 7:00 weight class, so I was rushing! Well, usually rushing means forgetting about something, and I forgot about my food! And burnt it on the stove! Shizzz! Oh well, I scraped off all (ok, most) of the carsinogens and proceeded to eat my burnt dinner before I left. (I knew my clothes (and the house!) wreaked of burnt toast, but what could I do?

I proceeded to go to class as usual (no one commented on my new aroma, thank goodness!) I got home a little later then usual because I got caught up talking to a member on my way out of the gym. When I finally did get home, I was worried that Collin might think the house was on fire so as soon as I got in the house I said "Collin, guess what? I burnt 2 slices of toast before I left for my class today!" And he replied in a fairly agressive tone "That doesn't surprise me!"
Instantly I thought, "Does he think I'm a complete idiot all the time?" And without a second thought, I stormed upstairs to cry my eyes out! I was MAD!

I proceeded to have a shower and then tucked myself in to bed and cryed some more... I was hoping Collin would come upstairs to check on me to see why I wasn't coming downstairs to cuddle... Finally after I got back up and went to blow-dry my hair, I see Collin emerge into the bathroom "What's wrong, My Love?" he asks. "You are!" I said bauling! "If you are having a bad day, why are you taking it out on me???" And I explained why I was so upset. He sincerely apologized and said "I never meant for that remark to make you feel bad! What I meant was "I know, I can smell it!" ... I wish he'd have just SAID that!

I told him next time he hurts my feelings I'm just going to call him out, and be like "Shut up, *sshole!" LOL That might clue him in that what he's saying isn't appropriate, you think?

I'm blaming this rush of emotions on the full moon that's on it's way in!

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Anonymous Rosie said...

It *has* to be the full moon! BWAHAHA At least these are the kind of situations we can look back and hopefully laugh about. eep! I love when boyfriend shows concern for us when we're upset.
I couldn't stop crying while I was telling Mr. Nick what was wrong Sunday! Sometimes I don't bother mentioning things that irk me because I think they're just tiny...then they fester and I end up exploding. I guess sometimes it's just better to say what's on your mind right away (even if I still hope that boyfriends become mind readers... ;-))

3:17 PM

Anonymous island sissy said...

I always retort to Ken immediately if he says something that I don't find amusing and a lot of times I just start crying. It's a girl thing- right???

1:05 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

Reply to: Rosie

Yes, I think it's always better to get the issues out in the open before they fester into a MOUNTAIN rather then the mole hill that it once was! :)

1:17 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1:17 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: Sissy

I usually do too, I must have been feeling excessively emotional or something because I just really did not want to speak to him after his rudeness!

We are all clear about that now... and he's taking me shopping tonight as part of his apology so I know he really is sorry!!! lol (Collin hates going shopping with me! I shop like a girl! LOL)

1:19 PM


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