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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sharing out first cold!

Collin got sick at work, and brought it home for me to enjoy as well! Last night I was coughing up a storm! It sucked!!!! I decided instead of going to work today and spread the joy to all MY co-workers, that I'd just stay home and rest up and finish some well needed house work. I'm sure I won't be missed at the office. I finished a pile of work yesterday, and tomorrow was supposed to be my first day of vacation anyways (I made it an EXTRA long weekend :)

I am taking Cold-F/X to try and fight this thing but so far it's just getting worse! :( I have been more sick in the past 4 months then I think I have my whole childhood... what is going on? Are there new strains of bugs out there now that are hard to avoid? Am I just getting old and therefore weak in my immune system capacity? I'd just like to know, because I really wish I could avoid all these sick days! :(


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, my brother and fiance are getting married next July, and they are both new to Calgary. I was wondering if you know of some cool places to get married there. She only knows of some golf courses. Could you email me back at laurie@goodcents.ca. Thanks so much.

Sorry to hear about the cold, at least the itch is gone Right

Mama Lee

11:44 AM

Anonymous Rosie said...

How cute! Another first!! I hope you and Collin are better soon :)

3:24 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

Jess, if I ever find out how to avoid cold bugs I'll be sure to blog about it. I spent 5 months straigh sick with something last winter... I was ready to shoot myself.
Love isn't conquerring the coold bugs??? What the hell....???

4:37 PM

Blogger S Q L Y said...

Jessi: I think some years You catch evey little bug and some years you don't even have a sniffle- go figure-
Last fall my Dr. said I should take the flue-shot because of the camp job enviroment, anyway I never thought much about it before that but, I never cought anything last year ..knock on wood, but something was working for me.Just stay positive and eat health foods I guess.

5:17 PM


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