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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

24 Hours of Adrenalin - Completed for another year!

Yep, I survived! ...Just barely ;)

The race in Canmore this past weekend was a total success. (I will post pics as they get emailed to me!) Unfortunately our youngest (14 y.o) and strongest rider was not feeling well the whole weekend. However, my team still managed to complete 15 laps (the top 5 female team did 24! that's 1 lap per hour! WOW! and the top solo men's rider did 20 laps! These people are machines!!!)
It was a fun, but challenging and tiring weekend. I don't want to sit on my bike seat for a very long time. Hopefully my spin class will understand! haha!
I did go for a massage yesterday, and wow, was it good!!! I need to get more of those! They really help break down the lactic acid in your muscles!

And, I have to tell ya the good news... but me and Collin are "officially dating"! I asked him, "So, when do I get to stop introducing you to people as 'my Friend'?" He said "Whenever you want to!" And then asked "Do you want to be my girlfriend?" :)
(Now when he calls me, he greets me with "Hey Baby!" ...Awe!!! I love it!!!)


Blogger S Q L Y said...

Sounds like some People on Mountain bikes are "Machines" alright ... twenty laps is something else, did he have a Identical twine brother by the way ??? LOL
but you girls did real fine.. and except for a few achey muscles your all stronger for it, right?
I'm glad it never rained and the trails held - up even if they arn't to wide in places, you say mountaineers on bikes like to rub shoulders . ha ha
Bye now
S Q L Y xox

1:46 PM

Blogger Suzanne said...

Whoo hooo!!! I am just thrilled for you!

6:59 PM

Blogger katz said...

wow those women are crazy nuts

4:43 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

LOL 15 laps sounds like a hell of a lot of laps to me... and I don't have any idea what the course was like!!

So glad about you and Collin!! Get a couples self portrait of yourselves with that new camera!!

2:23 AM


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