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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Udo's Choice!

I went to the doctor yesterday, to find out if this rash I have is shingles... the MD said "No, what you have is Eczema." Ok... what is Eczema? Apparently, it's any skin irritation that they can't explain. Grrrr....

He did prescribe me a much stronger dose of cortisone cream that is supposed to work at stopping the itching as well as the bumps/hives. I used it for the first time last night, and it seems to be working for the itching! YAY! :)
Now, let's heal all the bumps I scratched off. Boo.

My Dad swears that I need to start taking Udo's 3-6-9 essensial oils. I went to the health food store last night and bought some. (I had to buy it in liquid form because in capsule form it cost more and seemed less effective, from what I read on the bottle.) So, are you happy now Dad? Now let's see if it really works!!!???
(I took my first dose today with my breakfast. It was kinda gross, kinda just tasted like sunflower seed oil. ...At least I didn't throw up. LOL)


Anonymous Rosie said...

Hey, I've been using that oil for like a year now. I took his son's boot camp! And I met Udo at the sports nutrition talk!

I have 1 tbsp of the oil with my protein shake in the morning. I used to gag whenever I tasted that gross oil. However, it's been great for my skin! Apparently it's great for hair and memory and appetite suppression. Perhaps!

(XanGo is supposed to be great for eczema...;-))

4:16 PM

Blogger S Q L Y said...

Wha - hoo. You will be over those bumps really soon now, everyone gets good results and so will you...
Ecema seems to be whatever itches and drives you nuts, it could be poison ivy, it would do the same thing but now with the oil ur OKay ha ha
Se ya girly
Dadio xoxo

3:02 PM


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