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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No more (B)itching!

The doctor was right... who knew? Doctors can actually be right sometimes? The cortisone cream he prescribed me worked like a charm and my itchy, scaly skin has disappeared! (But because of all the itching and creams I've been putting on, my arms now look all blotchy.) I need to get back out in the sun :)

Today I remembered to take my Udo's oil. BARF. I hate that stuff. I honestly have no idea how my Dad drinks the stuff like it's a delicacy! It's hardly decadent! Today I actually heaved a little after taking my second spoonful...
(swallowing 2 teaspoons of oil in the morning, as I thought, is not fun! :(

5 more days till the race :) I am getting so pumped!!! I need to start packing up my stuff, and make sure I don't forget any gear! I also need to take my bike in for a servicing because the derailleur is a little off. I know I could do it myself... but I'll leave it to a professional this time :)
I am also recruiting for next year's race... I want to put together a co-ed team for 2007! Wish me luck!


Anonymous Rosie said...

Good luck!

You need to mask the taste of the oil. Either use a chaser or mix the oil in with something! I still gag over it. BLEH!

1:18 PM


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