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Monday, April 10, 2006

What a weekend!

Thursday: realize that my car has been broken into... need to clean up glass and close up the new hole.
Thursday Night: Drive to Edmonton for a Dr's Appointment I have scheduled for Friday afternoon.
Friday: Fast all morning because of my dr. appointment... (Gawd, I'm hungry!)
Friday afternoon: Go to Dr. Appointment, only to find out that my Dr. is not in! :( Have to reschedule for 2 months from now :( (Grrrr... I'm starving by now, so I cave for McDonalds! Doh!)
Friday Evening: Go for dinner with my friend katz...MmmmMmmm. Good conversation, good food!
Later Friday Evening: Drive downtown to pick up a friend, then off to see my other friend's new pad in Stoney Plain. Long drive... lucky she is worth it :)
Saturday: Take my brother's out for some shopping. Made the usual stops: Walmart, EB Games, and Warehouse One. Didn't buy anything :)
Saturday afternoon: My bro, his fiance and their new puppy came out to visit. Lola (the new puppy) is a total suck, and loves to curl up on your lap and fall asleep as long as she's being petted! I enjoyed her a lot!
Saturday night: Ate Easter dinner early, because we were all going to be together. Mmmmm... mom said it best when she said "Instant potatoes, Instant Satisfaction" :) LOL
Mom is was fantastic! I wish I could have stuffed more in my belly!!!
Later Saturday night: Met a friend for a drink in Edmonton... he was in town for a hockey tournament.
Sunday morning: slept in hardcore :)
Sunday afternoon: went to Safeway, picked up some lunch and some other groceries for home.
Drove back to Calgary.
Sunday evening: Invited my friend over and we watched a movie and talked! Nice way to end a hectic, chaotic and BUSY relaxing weekend! :)

Good Night Ya'll!


Blogger islandarts said...

Paige is looking forward to the fruits of your shopping labour. LOL I can't believe someone broke into your car?? Don't you park in a garage? BUMMER!

1:23 AM

Blogger Rainbowannie said...

Sorry to hear about the car breakin. Sounds like you have a great, busy weekend, isn't family grand. A late congratulations to your bro getting engaged.

12:35 PM


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