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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bikram Yoga Hotness!

Last night I decided to go for a tan before Bikram yoga class... and I also forgot my water bottle! (Not a good idea to be in that sauna room for an hour and a half without water!!!) So when I got to class I had to buy some water... it was well worth the buck!

But the hotness I'm talking about was this guy in class, standing at the back of the studio. He was about 6'4", tanned and totally ripped! It was hard to concentrate on my own practice because I kept wanting to look at him pose in the mirror! lol (and to make things worse for me, it appeared that his shorts were falling off his hips.... DAMN!)
He sure made the class fun for me! I sweat SOOO freaking much too! Wow! (I guess that's what happens when it's that HOT in there! ;)


Anonymous BacardiBreezer said...

haha damn you should have snuck a pic of him! :D

9:50 AM

Blogger S Q L Y said...

I would have maybe asked for some water from him, ....LOL

9:19 PM

Anonymous katz said...

his shorts were falling off his hips?? is that how guys wear them now lol... you need a camera phone lol.

4:39 PM


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