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Friday, March 24, 2006

Almost there...

I'm almost there!
I stepped on the scale this morning, and I'm down 4.4 pounds from where I was on the 1st of the month! *big grin* (My goal was to loose 5 lbs by today, but I am pretty damn happy with my progress... considering the entertaining and few unexpected visitors I've had this month.) I should hit my goal by April 1st (???) I'll keep you posted!

I know, you are probably thinking I don't have to worry about my weight... but after watching my Breathe video, I didn't like what I saw! I mean, I used to come home from work, plop myself in front of the tv (or worse: MSN), with a bag of chips and dip, or chocolate or cake! It was my wake up call... I just had to STOP the maddness!!! It feels good to put your mind to something and accomplish it!! See, it just goes to show you that you need both: Diet and Exercise to make serious impact in weight management/loss. I was forgetting about the eating part... I hope I am back on track.

On another note, I think that Bikram yoga has really opened up my porse! Today was my sweatiest spin class EVER! All my workouts since I did that class have been super sweaty!!! It's crazy! (It's a good thing I've come to accept and love my excessive sweating problem! lol)


Anonymous Rosie said...

That's like a pound a week! How did you do it? Congrats on your progress!!

5:50 PM

Anonymous katz said...

ohhh i so know about the MSN problemo..

7:14 PM

Anonymous al in la said...

Way - to - Go. with many hurray's
Nice to see both exercise and diet work for such a good workout girl....lol

8:55 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

I'm so pumped for you! I finally found all of my weight watchers stuff and I am getting down and dirty with my eating lifestyle. Wish me luck!
That Bikram Yoga sounds like it is cleansing you still!

8:18 PM


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