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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Words to live by... for the single people

"When you relinquish the desire
to control your future,
you obtain happiness."

I have such a hard time doing this... I have to try so hard to stop controlling my future.
But really, doesn't that sound a little strange to you? I mean, we are always told that "only you have the ability to make our future as great as you want it to be." SO... if I stop trying to guide it in a certain direction, where will I end up? And how can they be so sure that I'll be happy there?


Blogger katz said...

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9:37 AM

Anonymous katz said...

Words to live are actually

Dissapointment ends when expectation ends.

just don't expect things to happen just let the cookie crumble where it crumbles.

I try to follow that but it's hard sometimes

9:39 AM

Blogger islandarts said...

It's about being happy with what you have now and not living in a constant state of unhappiness in pursuit of something uncertain. If you are happy with what you CAN control you are happy. Period. That's what's important right??

btw- I've posted a TONNE of new pictures at flickr...

11:34 AM

Blogger S Q L Y said...

Just lighten - up and I think you'll have more fun just watching others screw-up. lol
Love ya
Dadio xoxo

9:35 PM


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