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Friday, March 17, 2006

Green Beer

Happy St. Patty's Day Ya'll...

CLICK HERE for a special St. Patty's Day Message!!!


Blogger Rainbowannie said...

That message is too cute. Happy St. Patty's Day. Check out my blog i actually posted...but i am so stressed. (what is ttc)

3:51 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

GAWD I love the chimp messages, thanks for sending me one!! It made my Day!

5:36 PM

Anonymous S Q L Y said...

That monkey message reminds me of how we look working in our unit at the refinery, most of the time we are dressed up in our monkey suits / all orange and rubber gloves to match.
hope the weather dosen't get to warm or we'll dry-out and die.LOL

9:06 PM

Blogger Suzanne said...

Cute! Happy St Paddys day too! I wonder how many people are sitting on the toilet pooping out green beer today...Sorry I know thats gross but I had to say it :) haha

1:17 PM

Blogger Suzanne said...

btw will you please email me or Jen Katz new blog address? i will keep it secret, but I like reading about her stuff...If you can't I understand

1:19 PM


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