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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I loved the Bikram Yoga last night!!! It was amazing!
It was sooo freaking HOT in the room! I kept thinking "Is this what it would feel like if I were in Hawaii right now?" I doubt it... there was no breeze or anything... the room was just HOT and muggy!
I am normally quite flexible but I found that, with the heat, it was even easier to get deeper into my poses (even the poses from our knees... I've been having knee issues lately.)
I was also given a free pass for my second class, which I KNOW I'm going to use! I think I might just go alone this next time... or I might see if anyone's interested and wants to join me.

Tonight I just want to go home and DO NOTHING! Maybe make some jewellery, maybe watch some tv, maybe bake some of Suz's Banana Bread... basically chill out!!!
That sounds so good to me right now!!!


Anonymous S Q L Y said...

Thats always good, to feel tired... you know you have done a good days work !!!!
Making some tasty muffins would be a plus, don't eat them all tonight LOL !
Nice to hear the yoga worked out so good.

8:09 PM

Anonymous Bacardibreezer said...

Sweet, glad you enjoyed it! I probably would pass out, as I have low blood pressure, but it sounds fun

10:39 PM


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