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Sunday, March 09, 2008

New Yoga Clothes

I have been feeling that none of my clothes fit right lately, and since I had Friday off I decided to check out some new stores that I've been meaning to check out: Body Things and LotusWear. (Body Things is mostly dance/fitness wear, and Lotus Wear is like Lululemon, all yoga wear)
I did very well! I found many cool tops from Body Things (all were on sale) and I I found a jacket that fit me! and pair of pants from LotusWear! Woot! I also forgot (DUHHH) that I get a 15% discount (because I am a fitness instructor) from Lululemon.... and I found out on Friday, that I also get 15% off at Body Things AND Lotus Wear!
(I guess being an instructor does have it's benefits!)

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Blogger MdG said...

Did you ever make your order with that store in the US?
Exercse clothes are the bane of my existence. It always seems like I'm wearing the same stuff over and over again, but when I go to out my clothes away, they take up a whole drawer! Maybe it's because it's still winter, so I'm only wearing pants to the gym. I ought to mix it up with some shorts in there too.

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