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Monday, September 25, 2006

Manic Monday

After a great weekend, it's Monday again... my craziest day of the week. (It's a fitness double header for me!) I'm tired already just thinking about all the energy I'm going to require for my CardioKick class at noon! (Oh well, I'm sure I'll be just fine.)

And I really am getting sick and tired of not having my iPod. Burning cd's is sooo for the birds! What a waste of time! My sister thinks I should buy a temporary mp3 player while I'm waiting for the iPod to get fixed or assessed "broken". What do you think? It certainly would save me a whole lot of time in the long run!!!

Also, this was our first weekend on the new bed... and we've determined that it's too small! :( I didn't think I'd have room in my room for a queen sized bed but apparently a queen is only 6" wider then a double... doesn't seem like much, but I'm sure it will make all the difference in my sleeps in the world! (As much as I love cuddling with Collin, I can't sleep that way!) It's a good thing I bought the bed from Sleep Country... they have a 60 day comfort guarantee... :) They say you should sleep in your new bed for2 weeks before calling in with a comfort complaint... but this issue of size isn't just going to fix itself... I'll be calling my SC rep soon to tell him we need to upsize!


Blogger islandarts said...

I don't know what made you think two people could sleep on a double!!
My in-laws sleep on a double- TOGHETHER, i don't know how they get any sleep!!!

9:19 AM


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