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Monday, September 18, 2006

He met the parents! :)

This weekend collin and I headed to Leduc to visit with some family. (I introduced him to my parents and brothers, and he introduced me to a couple of his cousins and their significant others.) It was a wonderful weekend! I am sure my parents loved him... eventhough we only got a couple of hours in to eat supper and visit with them. My dad is doing well with his recovery from his knee surgery which is very good to see! And my mom is still workin hard at her new job (Fabric Land)... unfortunately, not loving it as much as she thought she would, but she's learning some very important skills that I'm sure she will benefit from in the future! It was good to see my brothers too. Josh showed off his latest artwork, (good stuff Josh!) and Jeffery showed off his new mop... er, hairdo. lol (that kid's hair grows like a weed, and he hates getting it cut!) Apparently long hair is in for boys of school age. (Maybe I'm just getting old!) But all in all the family is healthy and still kicking! I was happy to see everyone, if even just for a little bit! (Yup, even Sadie is doing good!!!) We will have to plan another visit very soon... now that we realized that Collins cousin lives a block away from my Mom and Dad, I'm sure we will! (His cousin's girlfriend knew my where my parents lived as soon as I mentioned their dog! LOL Sadie barks at everyone walking down the path! Especially those who have dogs!)

Collin told me last night that Cindy (his cousin's girlfriend, that we stayed with) gave me the "thumbs up" and told him that she really liked me! I am glad, because I'm sure she'll be seeing a lot more of me :)


Blogger S Q L Y said...

Thumbs - up over here.
We need more time to talk as everyone was just so geared-up but fun for all I'm sure.
Parent's arn't that hard to meet are they ??.
Dadio xoxo

8:35 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: SQLY

No, you are not... but it is a big step for someone to invite you to "meet their parents". I'm just excited that Collin is meeting more and more of the people that I love!

8:52 PM

Anonymous Rosie said...

This is all such great news!!

12:02 PM


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