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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tai Chi and Braces

Since I started teaching Breathe at the gym (which is a class containing a blend of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates moves) I have really fallen in love with the idea of practicing Tai Chi on it's own.

I have done some research and found a local organization that teaches the practice of Taoist Tai Chi and today is one of their "Open House" classes where they invite people to come in for a free class to try it out. (Basically, to see if you will like it before you make the hefty $400/year comittment) I am pretty excited to see what it's all about, because I'm pretty sure I will really enjoy it!

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I have an orthodontist appoinment at 3:30... she might be REMOVING my braces today!

I got my braces put on September 8th, 2004... so it will almost be a full 2 years to the day that I am getting them off! I'm pretty excited to see my smile without a bunch of metal in it!!! I bet I won't even recognize myself! :) (I took that picture on the day before I got my braces put on)
Here's another photo montage to show you what my smile has been through...

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**Tai Chi Update**...
I thought the "Open House" was at 6pm last night so I rush to get there on time. I walk in and all these people are already in mid tai-chi... I get motioned over to join in, so I do! They are doing a simple move to start, I'll call it "Twist and look into the mirror". I started getting bored, then onto a new move... I'll call it "Blocking and reaching". I actually worked up a sweat during this move. "This is pretty great", I'm thinking to myself, until they start to do a walking set of, I'll call it "Slow walk while pushing someone's head into the water" (No, I don't know the moves names yet! LOL) I honestly thought I'd make a complete fool of myself, but I just watched the leaders, and I was able to catch on really good!
Finally, the lead instructor says "We're getting ready for the Open House in a half an hour so we should quickly get to our Full sets!" In my head I'm like... "Full Sets???... what? Dipps??? You mean this isn't the Open House???" HA HA HA I was actually an hour early and I walked in on a continuing Tai Chi class! LOL
I did mention that I was supposed to be there for the Open House (I bet they were all looking at me like "Who's THAT girl???") and the instructor said to me "well, for a beginner you did great!"
I just sat and watched them do their "sets". It was very interesting to watch!

I'm not sure if Taoist Tai Chi is the kind I want to get into. Does it all have to be learned in the full 108 moves sets? or are there Tai Chi clubs that just teach you the individual moves??? That I need to find out!


Anonymous Rosie said...

I remember when you first got them...how time flies! Does this mean you can will be able to eat hard, crunchy food again soon?? (I've never had braces, so I have no idea what it's like!)

4:59 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: Rosie

Yep, I'll be able to crunch on all the fresh vegies I want! (and not have to steam them first!) YAHOO!

But I just got back from the orthodontist and I'm still going to have to wear the braces for a couple more weeks... boo. More waiting!

5:28 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

Damn I wanted to see you without the braces...
Love the photo montage.
Let me know how the Tai chi goes...

2:30 PM


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