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Thursday, September 14, 2006

iPod Catastrophe and the Bureaucracy at my job!

So, I get this job at work today... it's something rather tedious, so I go to get my iPod out of my purse and it's frozen! Urg... I tried to reset it using some buttons but no dice... I really hope it's not fried. Tonight when I get home I will try plugging it in to my home computer and hopefully that will be the kick in the ass it needs to get unstuck! (Fingers crossed tightly!)

Today, the atmosphere on my work floor has been very unsettled. I am fairly new to this group (I came here in June) and it's also a very new kettle of fish for me (International drilling versus domestic oil and gas) Which is fine... just means I might require a little more direction and assistance on completing certain tasks. Well, today Mike (the other technologist on the floor that was here before me) was in my office helping me do something that I have NEVER done before, and his geologist (who thinks he's his BOSS) comes to my door, and as Mike is in mid sentence describing some process to me, he says something to the affect of "Mike, leave Jessica on her own. You are required to do another task!" Mike said "But Jesica has never done this before, she needs some direction!"... blah... blah... and they both left my office. Then like 20 minutes later, my actual boss comes into my office and says "Mike is responsible to help the other guys, and you are responsible to help these guys... So please try to keep your jobs seperate."

What the??? I thought we were working as a TEAM? Since when is it OFFSIDE to work with your collegues?
This really pisses me off... and I think I'll be looking for a new position sooner then later. Mike needs out of this devil group also... he's being treated like crap here!


Blogger katz said...

ohh i hate how ppl push team work team work, but yet they have the mind set that it has to be done by one person. That's a bunch of bull. thought this move was going to be better for you, guess not eh?

4:06 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

Wow, SOunds like there are too many chefs over there...
Take it from someone who has been there- Run, don't walk to your nearest available exit. But in the meantime hound your boss for the 'how to's' since you can't talk to 'mike'.

4:38 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...


Just tried to plug in the iPod at home... iy's pooched! Good thing I bought the 2 year extended warranty :)

6:54 PM

Blogger S Q L Y said...

Ah Jessi, Don't let the dummies run you around,
just play their game and ca-ching, ca- ching. at the bank - they would have a problem catching a cold if it took teamwork.
You will be okay as long as the I-pod works for ya ... electronics seem to have a time factor built in until one day ...times -up and either a battery or some memory goes south for a early vacation .. ha ha

7:00 PM


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