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Friday, September 22, 2006

old friend!

I used to have a boyfriend who has 2 twin sisters. I became really close friends with his sisters and even now that I don't talk to my ex anymore, I still keep in touch with his sisters (one more then the other!)
Well I sent the one I'm more in touch with an email a couple weeks ago, to tell her about my great news (re: Collin) and that I couldn't wait for her to come for a visit. We actually managed to find a weekend that worked for both of us: this weekend!

She's coming out tomorrow to stay till Sunday! I'm pretty excited! We always have a great time when we see each other (catch up on things, and generally just enjoy each other's company!) She's really easy to talk to and totally non-judgemental. She also met her man a few years ago after being single for a long time, like me... so I know she knows what I've been through and will be very happy for me and Collin.

Ahhh.. Good times :)


Blogger islandarts said...

It's nice to have good friends, you are blessed in that department!!

5:57 PM

Anonymous Rosie said...

Have a great weekend!!

6:22 PM


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