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Friday, June 09, 2006

Goddess Cards

I decided to try a yoga class at the pool by my house. It was called "Yoga Strength" so I thought it would be a little more intense then just a normal yoga class.
We ended up doing a yoga class on the wall, using straps and blocks. It was quite intense and a lot harder then I imagined! (My quads are sore today, but that is probably mostly due to the FORCE class I did at noon.) I was a little dissapointed in her Savosna (meditation). She was reading what to say from a sheet of paper, not sitting in lotus or anything. Not what I would expect from a true yoga instructor... oh well. She tried!

But the part I really liked (and think I might adopt) was at the end of class she spread out these cards, that she called "Goddess Cards" and each one had a picture and a saying. She said "Come and take a card that you are drawn too and read it. It might give you some insight!"
My goddess card said "You have the power to transform your life" and on the back it mentioned how having a positive attitude can change your being.
I know it's true. I have been letting things get to me lately and I've had a negative attitude for a while now. (like the past 3 months for sure)

I need to take care of that!
I think that getting a kitty will help restore my positive nature :)


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