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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

blogger down :(

I had a post all ready, then I tried to post, and Blogger was down for maintenance! Boo.

I'm getting really anxious to get a kitty!!! I went to the ARF, MEOW, and The Humane Society websites today on my search. I found one cat and I fell in love with it on the MEOW website... but have you seen the document they make you fill out just to APPLY to adopt one of their animals??? OMG... It's worse then a job interview! I felt like a bad person just for filling it out!
After that fiasco, I've decided it's easier to get a cat from The Humane Society... so I'll go back this weekend (hopefully) and seek out my new best friend then! :)

I can't wait to feel the soft fur and smooth purrs of a kitty!!!


Blogger islandarts said...

Too bad you weren't closer, my neighbor Debbie is working at the Vet down the street. She just brought home two of the cutest kitties you've ever seen...
Paige and the girls named one Sparkle and one Brownie. I named Brownie "Patches Mahoney" because it was patchy colored. :0)

12:19 AM

Blogger katz said...

boo blogger!!!

Can't wait for you to get a kitty :) that kitty will have a loving home :)

8:03 AM


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