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Monday, May 29, 2006

Let's get physical!

Today I made my yearly trip to Edmonton for my physical with the best doctor in the entire world!!! (I almost cancelled my appointment, because someone made me feel that what I was doing was unnecessary) Thank goodness I didn't!
I forgot how awesome she is! (And she assured me that I'm not the only one that commutes the 3 hours to come see her for their physical! ...Yes, she's that good!!!)
How many of you can say you felt this good about getting a physical? LOL! Yes... I'm one SICK puppy!

Tomorrow is my last full day of work with my present group. I'm totally looking forward to the change! Chad, Africa here I come! :) (Well, not literally... but that's where my new group focusses their efforts! Will be totally new and challenging for me! Bring it on!)

PS... RE: getting a kitty. I went to the Humane Society with Katz on Saturday, but I came home with nothing. I was scared to make a hasty decision, so I didn't get one. None of the kitties were screaming at me "TAKE ME HOME!" Maybe next time.


Blogger S Q L Y said...

Good Decision !!!

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