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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Antibiotics are good!

I wasn't one of those kids that their mother would drag to the doctor every time they made a little "couch, cough" sound... I am thankful for that!

I went to the MD yesterday, and she finally prescribed me some antibiotics. I took 2 pills and am feeling a WORLD better today! I need to keep taking one pill a day till Friday but so far it is working like a charm to fight the infection/virus I had in my throat! Hooray! I'm so glad my body is not immune to antibiotics like a lot of people of my generation who's parents took them to get drugs for EVERYTHING that made them sick as a kid!
(Actually, come to think of it, I wasn't a very sick kid... perfect attendance every year in grade and High School, as a matter of fact :)


Blogger S Q L Y said...

Yeah for sure !! That was a plus, and If we could have shocked those teeth into position, everything would have been in tip top shape with no appliances, LOL
S Y oxoxo

4:08 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

Glad you are feeling better. I feel like I got gyped on my holiday- with the kids and myself not feeling in tip top shape... poo.
Everyone has to come out this summer, and that is an ORDER!

4:10 PM

Blogger katz said...

Glad you are feeling better :) I called to check up on ya, but upon reading this blog I know you are out and about :) My mom wasn't one of them mothers that ran me to the doctor for every lil thing too. I agree it's a good thing.

7:42 PM


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