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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Since I am leaving my current group in June, my geologist K. has asked if she can take me out to lunch. I actually have a free lunch hour today, so I took her up on her offer! We are going for vietnamese at one of my fave Viet. restaurants downtown.
Mmmm. I love vermicelli bowls with spring rolls! Sooo good!

Then I have a dentist appt. tonight at 5pm. ...Just a cleaning, nothing major. I can't wait till my next orthodontist appt. Hopefully she can change my wires and we can work on that mid-line issue!!!

Still waiting to hear back from Isaac re: our date tonight. I'm going to let him message me... if he really wants to see me, he'll make sure we are still on. Or maybe I expect too much outta these guys???


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