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Friday, May 26, 2006

I need a new friend!

I am seriously in need a friend.
One that will greet me at the door when I come home from a rough day at work. One that is counting on me to feed it when it's hungry. One that needs my love and affection as much as I need his. So it has been decided...

I'm getting a cat! :)

Yup! I'm going to the Humane Society tomorrow with a girl friend, to see if I can find just that friend. Not sure if it's a great time to bring a new baby into my home, as I'm spending Sunday night in Leduc... but I can't keep pretending I don't think this is a good idea. I know it is!!!

A cat is better then a boy friend any ways...


Blogger katz said...

that's for sure :) We'll find you a snuggly one :)

5:18 PM

Blogger Rainbowannie said...

Congratulations, you will love one. I'm sure you'll find one that you not want to leave home without.

8:24 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

Good for you, cat is a much better choice than a dog with your lifestyle... IF you think it needs stimulation, take it to the kitty daycare!! LOL!!

10:26 PM

Blogger bada bing said...

Go girl, a cat is definitely a great choice, just make sure it doesn't have really long hair or you will be vaccuming steady. You will be in love with your pet before you know it!

7:58 AM

Blogger islandarts said...

I forgot to ask you on the phone the other day... what happened with the cat business???

9:42 PM


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