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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Airbrushed Abs... LOL

<- without airbrushing

My sister was telling me about Beyonce and her airbrushed abs... now I find out even Mariah does it!
Click here for
the entire story...

What a novel idea! :)
FYI... I have never airbrushed on my abs! LOL

<- after airbrushing.
Nice 6-pack Mariah! LOL

The more I surfed, the more I found on this... they even teach courses on how to create your very own airbrushed abs!

I think I want to take this class:
(: Make-up Bootcamp!


Blogger islandarts said...

It's so rediculous, if a photo is taken at the right angle (like Beyonce's was) it just looks horribly WRONG. It's okay to be round... honestly ladies.

10:09 AM


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